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Phone number: (907)224-3300

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JDock Sportfishing Full Day Combo Trips(Multi-Species)

Our Full Day Combo trips are scheduled to take off every morning during fishing season from May until September. These trips last from around 10-12 hours. During your travel time to and from the fishing grounds you will have plenty of opportunities to check out the vast wildlife including bald eagles, photograph the beautiful scenery or maybe take a little snooze inside one of our comfortable brand new vessels. Once the captain reaches their prime fishing destination anywhere from Prince William Sound, Montague Island, Resurrection Bay or the Kenai Fjords National Park, you will be on a whirlwind ride fishing for trophy Pacific Halibut (these giants can range anywhere in size from 10 lbs to over 300 lbs), sizzling Silver Salmon, King Salmon, line busting Lingcod (after July 1st), Yellow eye rock fish, Black Bass (Black Rockfish) and an assortment of other Rockfish. Our goal on these trips is to do our very best for our customers to achieve the Grande Slam- catching four species or more on a trip (when conditions allow.) Once you return from your fishing trip, the captain and crew will hang your catch on the Jdock hanging station for a once in a lifetime photo opp and then fillet your fish. We recommend you get your prize catch processed from JDock Seafood our sister company which is located right next to the J-Dock Hanging station. Jdock Seafood processing offers professional vacuum packing, flash freezing and shipment options preparing your seafood to last a couple of years!. All of the fish that you catch is fabulous to eat and really impressive to take home to your family and friends! For more on the seafood processing please go to jdockseafoodcompany.com


Full Day Combo Trip-$395*

Half Day Salmon Trip-$225*

Island overnighters or Long Range trips:

call (907)224-3300 (2017 openings available)



*Pricing does not include taxes and fees.


** Please note, the weather in Alaska can be less than perfect and some days can be a bit windier and wavier than others. Because of Seward's location near Prince William Sound and in the Kenai Fjords National Park, we have ample opportunities to fish calm waters in passages, bays and near islands to still enjoy great fishing. So regardless of the weather, we get to go fishing!!!